ScoutHike 2011

Number  Patrol Name & Troop Points
Gold 5201    Julbliactors, 1st Sailors Bay Group 3165
5202    Solar Flares, 1st Meadowbank Group 3111
1308    Paul, North St Ives Group 2810
2501    Dream Runners, 1st Yaralla Group 2799
4102    Little Green Men, 2nd St Ives Group 2744
5203    Space Oddity, 2nd St Ives Group 2685
5303    Speedy Turtles, 1st Caringbah Group 2631
5407    Magpies, 1st Pymble Group 2588
3502    Big Blue Bouncing Bohemian Bananas, Killarney Heights Group 2570
6200    Scouts in Tights, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2554
4503    Harbord Hillbillies, 1st/2nd Harbord Group 2543
3605    Zendor, 2nd St Ives Group 2526
Silver 6204    Mutant Space Sloths, 1st Mt Colah/Mt Kuring-gai Group 2490
4600    Cool-Beans, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2460
6203    Platypus, Epping Group 2435
5200    Black Sheep, 1st Ermington Group 2390
6205    Scorpions, 2nd St Ives Group 2380
5401    Thunderbirds, 1st Dulwich Hill/Marrickville Group 2363
3503    Panthers, West Pymble Group 2343
2601    Fail Whale, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2341
2503    Lindfield Firetails, 1st Lindfield Group 2309
4505    Midgets with Mohawks, 1st Caringbah Group 2309
3100    Flash Gordon, 1st Gordon Group 2291
5301    Dingo's, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills Group 2287
5204    Doony Boys, 1st Quakers Hill-Doonside Group 2261
2102    Faerie Dust, Killarney Heights Group 2235
3105    Hawks, 1st Turramurra Group 2173
1200    The Green Fluffies, 1st Leichhardt Group 2168
1402    Don't Blink, 2nd St Ives Group 2144
2603    I Dunno, Chatswood Group 2127
1207    Kingfisher Patrol, 1st Forestville Group 2119
2106    Ninjas, West Pymble Group 2105
3508    Plan 9 From Outer-Space, Fairlight/Manly Group 2065
1403    Anonymous, 1st Meadowbank Group 2054
5208    The Kool Beans, Normanhurst Group 2040
2505    Snow Patrol, 1st Mosman Group 2013
All Bronze Trophy winners are listed below in alphabetical order, without scores.
Bronze 6307    2 KL Dingos, 2nd Kings Langley Group
4607    2 KL Tassie Tigers, 2nd Kings Langley Group
4608    8 Eyed Squiggly Green Monsters, 1st Cherrybrook Group
5400    AliensWhoLookAbsolutelyLikeOrdinaryHumans(AWLALOH), 1st Roselea Group
6402    Allstars, 1st Northbridge Group
5205    Area 51, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
2606    Avatarians, 2nd St Ives Group
2607    Awesome Sauce, 1st East Ryde Group
5408    Bieber Fever, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
2107    BOB, 1st Lane Cove Group
1302    Bullseye, 2nd Mortdale Group
1406    Cheese, Drummoyne Group
4101    Chupacabra, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
6308    CreepyOldManClub, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft Group
3107    CS Boys, 1st Camden South Group
4107    CS Girls, 1st Camden South Group
6406    Dingos, 1st Turramurra Group
2502    Disco Ninjas, Beecroft Group
4501    District 9, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
3106    Dragons, Parramatta District
6302    EagleKookas, 2nd Turramurra Group
3608    ER fone home, 1st East Roseville Group
1401    Explosers, Beecroft Group
3504    Falcon Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
1203    FalconKookas, 2nd Turramurra Group
4504    Flying Pigs, Roseville Group
6403    Freaky Frill Necks, 1st Caringbah Group
6400    Frisbee Flippers, Eastwood/Marsfield Group
2508    Gang of Geckos, 1st Bayview Group
3602    Glossy All Stars, 1st Glossodia Group
2108    GoGGo, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft Group
6201    Green, 1st Dulwich Hill/Marrickville Group
1303    Hardcore Unicorns, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
2604    Hawk Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
3601    How not to be seen, 2nd Mortdale Group
1209    I Lost the Game, 1st North Ryde Group
4103    I'm Awesome, West Pennant Hills Group
1306    King George I, 1st Hunters Hill Group
4604    Kookaburra Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
3603    Kookaburras, Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
3506    Kookariles, 2nd Gordon Group
4606    Kookas, 1st Pymble Group
2105    Late To The Party Again, 1st Seaforth Group
4603    Leeroy Jenkins, West Pymble Group
3102    Lindfield Falcons, 1st Lindfield Group
3604    Lindfield Hawks, 1st Lindfield Group
6303    Lindfield Petrels, 1st Lindfield Group
1205    Lindfield Swifts, 1st Lindfield Group
4601    Little Green Men, 1st Kellyville Group
6206    LMFAO, 1st Meadowbank Group
5304    Lumberjacks, Ryde Group
1206    Lyrebirds, Epping Group
2605    Magpie, 1st Roselea Group
5300    Magpies, Epping Group
5308    Marvin the Martian, North St Ives Group
1305    Mountain Men, 1st Willoughby Group
5206    Mutant Camels, 1st Asquith Group
5302    Nailbreaker, 1st Mosman Group
3505    Nerds, 1st Caringbah Group
3103    Newbies, 1st Northbridge Group
1300    Ninja Bunnies, 1st Roselea Group
6207    Non Intelligent Lifeforms, 1st East Roseville Group
6208    Ollo it's Hello, West Pennant Hills Group
3507    Oy Oy Oyyyy!, 3rd Rose Bay (Judean) Group
1202    Panther Ninjas, Roseville Group
6404    Perpetual Motion Squad, 1st Waitara Group
6301    Pirates of the Caribbean, 1st Leichhardt Group
4508    platypus, 1st Kings Langley Group
1201    Rapin Mafia, 1st Yaralla Group
4105    Rat sack, West Pennant Hills Valley Group
3500    Roseville Dingos, Roseville Group
2507    Royal Seahanas, 1st Balmoral Group
2103    Schmmj, 1st Willoughby Group
3104    Scorpions, 1st Elanora Heights Group
1304    Seaforth Aliens, 1st Seaforth Group
6306    Slime Slayers, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
5404    Stingers, Roseville Group
3606    Stripey Whales, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
1208    SuperAWESOMEfragilisticROCKpialadocious!!!, Cromer-Dee Why Group
4506    Tassie Tigers, 1st Turramurra Group
6304    Tastes Like Chicken, 1st East Ryde Group
3108    the A team, 2nd Abbotsford Group
6407    The Alien All Stars, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
1404    The Awesome Patrol, 1st Boronia Group
5207    The Awkward Mooses, 1st Brush Park Group
5406    The Bear Grylls Film Crew, Killara Group
2104    The BenchWarmers, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
2504    The Chaotic Cobras, 1st Putney Scout Group
2100    The Concordians, 1st Concord Group
3501    The Cookie Monstaz, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
6300    The Demented Marshmallows, 1st Roselea Group
1400    The EPIC Six, Belrose Group
1307    The Flying Fish, 1st Balmoral Group
4605    The Foreign Five, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills Group
4502    The Fugitives, Belrose Group
6202    The Girls!, 1st Ermington Group
5402    The Greek Gods, 1st Kellyville Group
4602    The Infected Pink Spongy Possums, 1st Ingleburn Group
1309    The Looney Tunes, 1st Bayview Group
4104    The Loony Toons, 4th Castle Hill Group
4500    The Men in Black, 1st St Marys Group
3607    The Nerdy Jedi, 1st Wearne Bay Group
6309    the patrol, 1st Cherrybrook Group
5307    The Pine Cones, 1st Castle Hill Group
3101    The Rockets, Belrose Group
1204    The Rubix Cubers, 1st East Ryde Group
6305    The Sasfraxles, Normanhurst Group
6401    The sea serpents, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
4108    The Shady Shades, 1st Bayview Group
2500    The slow penguins, Belrose Group
3600    The Team, 1st Terrey Hills Group
6408    The Teletubbies, 1st Castle Hill Group
5306    The Willies, 1st Hunters Hill Group
2602    Tree Vee's, 1st Collaroy Plateau Group
1301    Trouble, 1st Balgowlah Group
5305    Turi, 1st Berowra Group
1407    Very Hungry Cows, Chatswood Group
5409    Wallabies, 1st Kings Langley Group
4509    Watermelon Seeds, Normanhurst Group
5405    We R Out Of This World!, 1st Lane Cove Group
1405    Wombats, Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
4100    Xenomorphs, 1st Gordon Group
4507    Yummy Yummy Yummy Gummy Bears, 1st Castle Hill Group
2506    Zulu Force, 1st Boronia Group

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