ScoutHike 2010

Number  Patrol Name & Troop Points
Gold 4107    The Kanga Nangas, 1st Caringbah Group 3007
5201    Bliss N Eso, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2712
5105    Speedy Turtles, 1st Caringbah Group 2699
2402    Shmu, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2663
6501    Cool-Beans, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2549
2405    More Trouble, 1st Balgowlah Group 2505
1507    Frizzards, 2nd St Ives Group 2479
3108    The Bear Grylls, 2nd St Ives Group 2442
5110    Hippie Haven, 2nd St Ives Group 2428
2403    Lindfield Tigers, 1st Lindfield Group 2408
2406    Peewits, 1st Turramurra Group 2372
6505    Team Tomato, 1st Caringbah Group 2337
Silver 4202    Ninjas, West Pymble Group 2326
4109    Kookaburras, 2nd St Ives Group 2318
4101    Dunnos, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2301
3208    The Clown Crew, North St Ives Group 2292
1504    Hawk Patrol, 1st Forestville Group 2291
4608    Suger Plum Fairies, 1st Hunters Hill Group 2230
3606    Cool Bananas, 1st Caringbah Group 2214
1302    Lindfield Panthers, 1st Lindfield Group 2208
6508    Alice in Baulko Land (ABL), 2nd Baulkham Hills Group 2200
2510    Emus, Killara Group 2166
3605    Lyrebirds, Epping Group 2165
6405    Tassie Tigers, 1st Turramurra Group 2134
2307    Super Sheep, 1st Hunters Hill Group 2105
6309    Hardcore HardHats, 1st Mt Colah/Mt Kuring-gai Group 2093
2401    We Are Here, 1st Meadowbank Group 2051
5611    Seahawk, 1st Clifton Gardens Group 2042
5607    Hawks, 1st Turramurra Group 1992
1500    Dunno, 1st/2nd Harbord Group 1987
2404    The Frogs, 1st North Ryde Group 1964
1506    The Lost Boys, 1st Bayview Group 1942
1402    Assassin's, West Pymble Group 1928
4201    Kingfisher, 1st Balmoral Group 1921
2301    Camden Southies, 1st Camden South Group 1871
5101    Magpies, 1st Pymble Group 1863
All Bronze Trophy winners are listed below in alphabetical order, without scores.
Bronze 5202    1st Ermo Uber Peoples, 1st Ermington Group
6407    Adders, 2nd St Ives Group
3201    Alan's Wolf Pack, 1st Gordon Group
5603    Albatross, 2nd Abbotsford Group
2304    Albatross Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
5208    Allow Me to Introduce Myself, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
6507    Alpha, 1st Cabarita Mortlake Group
5103    Ants, 1st Roselea Group
3106    Anything, 1st Waitara Group
5205    Are We There Yet?, 1st East Roseville Group
3609    Awesome Ends With Me, 2nd Castle Hill Group
1309    Back Up, 1st Yaralla Group
5207    Baulko Bad Habits, 2nd Baulkham Hills Group
3203    Because Shut up., Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
3202    Beef Jerkys, 1st East Ryde Group
5100    Berserkers, Normanhurst Group
3608    Bonny Lassies, 1st Northbridge Group
2409    Boronia Boguns, 1st Boronia Group
5206    Brady Bunch, Drummoyne Group
3105    Broken Knee, 1st Meadowbank Group
2502    Brush Park Bounding Panthers, 1st Brush Park Group
6506    Carnivorous Camels, 1st Asquith Group
1400    Charlies Angels, 1st Elanora Heights Group
1406    Cheerful Cheaters, 1st Caringbah Group
2303    Chloe like Potatoes, Cromer-Dee Why Group
4207    CoolBeans, 1st Shellharbour Group
3604    Cornish Pixies, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
6310    Dare devils, 1st Concord Group
3607    David's Demons, 1st Hunters Hill Group
2305    Dead Potatoes, 1st Lane Cove Group
5107    Declan's Patrol, 1st Northbridge Group
6500    Deja Vu, 1st Gordon Group
1407    Dingos, 2nd Kings Langley Group
5106    Dumbledore's Army, North St Ives Group
6509    Eagles, Roseville Group
6400    Eagles, Belrose Group
1502    Eagles, 2nd Turramurra Group
4104    Falcon Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
3210    Falcons, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills Group
2503    Fast and Featheriest, 2nd Turramurra Group
1403    FBI, 1st Balmain Group
4203    Frilled Neck Lizards, 1st South Penrith Group
5610    Gaga's Revenge, 1st Grose Vale Group
6300    Glee Club, Normanhurst Group
3204    GPS, West Pymble Group
1404    Gremlins, 1st Lane Cove Group
2408    Happy faces, 2nd St Ives Group
2509    Hazardous, 1st Hawkesbury Group
1304    Hideous, 1st Hawkesbury Group
4605    Horror Stories, 4th Castle Hill Group
6304    I don't know, 1st Waitara Group
2407    Kembla Panthers, 1st Mt Kembla Group
1408    Kick it, 1st Oakville Group
1503    Kingfisher, 2nd Abbotsford Group
5104    Kingfisher Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
6402    Kookaburra Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
5210    Late To The Party, 1st Seaforth Group
4602    Lindfield Jaguars, 1st Lindfield Group
5602    Lindfield Leopards, 1st Lindfield Group
3601    Lindfield Lions, 1st Lindfield Group
5605    Lyrebirds, Epping Group
3205    Magpie Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
4609    Masked Marauders, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
4607    Men with Packs, Drummoyne Group
5209    Midnite Devils, Beecroft Group
1310    Mushy Mangoes, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft Group
1505    Mutton, Drummoyne Group
3103    Night Watch, 2nd Gordon Group
4606    Ninja Turnips, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
4208    No Names, Beecroft Group
2504    O'mighty Us, 1st Roselea Group
6305    Oompaloompas, Drummoyne Group
1509    Panthers, Roseville Group
1300    Patrol 1, 1st Terrey Hills Group
5600    Patrol 2, 1st Terrey Hills Group
4105    Phale Whales, 1st Roselea Group
3207    Phoenix, 1st Parramatta Scout Group
5601    Piranha, 1st Balmoral Group
5609    Pirates, 1st Mt Colah/Mt Kuring-gai Group
2308    Platypus, 1st Kings Langley Group
1305    Platypus, Epping Group
6303    Platywallies, Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
3107    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, Ryde Group
2501    Powell, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
1405    Puppets, 1st Mt Kembla Group
1508    Pyro Panthers, Fairlight/Manly Group
6306    Pyromaniacs, 1st East Roseville Group
5604    Pyromaniacs, 1st East Ryde Group
5203    Rated [V], 1st Willoughby Group
4610    Red Backs, 1st Mt Kembla Group
6408    Redbacks, Chatswood Group
2505    Redbacks, 1st Cambridge Park Group
6403    Redbacks, 1st Bayview Group
1401    Redbacks, 1st South Penrith Group
3110    Sadface, 2nd St Ives Group
4209    Scorpians In Stripey Socks, Roseville Group
4108    Scorpions, 2nd Kings Langley Group
6301    Scout Hikers, 1st Brush Park Group
2300    Sdrawkcab, 1st Willoughby Group
4210    Smurfettes, 1st Lane Cove Group
6406    Snow Patrol, 1st Mosman Group
2410    Springs and Pegs, 1st Collaroy Plateau Group
6401    SWAT Team, 1st Balmain Group
5608    Tambobay1, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
5108    Tango Foxtrot, 1st Cherrybrook Group
5204    Task Force 141, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
6409    Team Extreme, Beecroft Group
2507    Teamo Supremo, 1st Bayview Group
3104    The Amigos, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
6502    The Awesome Chipmunks, 1st Roselea Group
2500    The Awesome Foursome, Eastwood/Marsfield Group
6307    The Boyz, 1st Northbridge Group
6302    The ERVs, 1st East Ryde Group
3610    The Extreme Machine, 1st Mosman Group
3102    The Flying Giraffes, 1st Roselea Group
4205    The HillsBillies, West Pennant Hills Valley Group
3101    The HYE's, Denistone East (Ararat) Group
4603    The Incredibles, 1st Balmain Group
1409    The Infected Pink Spongy Possums, 1st Ingleburn Group
4103    The Jamaican Bobsled Team, 1st East Ryde Group
6308    The Ladies of Gaga, Denistone East (Ararat) Group
1301    The Lost Patrol - Again, Belrose Group
3200    The Masked Adventurers, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
1501    The Mighty Ants, 1st Leichhardt Group
2506    The Monumental Patrol, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
2400    The Ninja Cucumbers, 1st Gordon Group
4106    The Original Pinecones, 1st Castle Hill Group
4102    The Patrol With A Name That Is Not Long At All, 1st Ermington Group
5200    The Pine Cones, 1st Castle Hill Group
3603    The Pixie Eagles, Killarney Heights Group
1306    The Telegraph Poles, 2nd Mortdale Group
6510    The V12's, 1st Cherrybrook Group
5606    The Valleyians, West Pennant Hills Valley Group
4100    The Wiggles, 1st Quakers Hill-Doonside Group
6404    Ther Walt Disney Party, 1st Collaroy Plateau Group
2302    Tramps, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
4604    Tree Benders, 1st Berowra Group
6503    Trouble, 1st Balgowlah Group
1307    Turtles, 1st Wearne Bay Group
2309    Twilight H8ters, 1st/2nd Blacktown Group
3600    Werdahelrwe Tribe, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
3209    West Pennant Hills, West Pennant Hills Group
1410    Wizards of OZ, 1st Emu Plains Group
6504    Ya mum, 1st Frenchs Forest Group
5109    YMCA, Killara Group

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