ScoutHike 2009

Number  Patrol Name & Troop Points
Gold 1202    Super Squares, 2nd St Ives Group 2892
6303    Hawks, 1st Turramurra Group 2879
5303    Speedy Turtles, 1st Caringbah Group 2822
3600    Team Extreme, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2644
3501    Super Scorps, 2nd St Ives Group 2599
5301    Kangas, 1st Turramurra Group 2513
2109    Scorpions, Killara Group 2491
4105    Quokkas, 1st Northbridge Group 2442
4503    Super Duper, 2nd St Ives Group 2436
2504    Kookaburra Patrol, 1st Forestville Group 2381
1304    Penguins, 1st Caringbah Group 2298
2501    The Wind, 1st Gordon Group 2285
Silver 1200    Incredibly Small Giants, 1st/2nd Harbord Group 2204
5403    Magpie, 1st Lindfield Group 2201
1408    Hardcore, 2nd Caringbah Group 2188
6301    Dunnos, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2176
2509    Lyrebirds, Epping Group 2168
2101    Tassie Tigers, 1st Turramurra Group 2145
2503    Seal, 1st Ermington Group 2135
5201    Hungry Bunnies, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2119
3503    Lizards, 1st Caringbah Group 2103
5308    Tassie Tigers, Killara Group 2089
1305    Dingoes, 1st East Roseville Group 2083
5202    The Kelly Gang(youth gone wild), 1st Gordon Group 2030
4602    Vultures, 1st Willoughby Group 2026
6304    Quokkas, 1st Caringbah Group 2016
5306    The Snow Patrol, 1st Mosman Group 1994
6305    Kosci Kids, 1st Kosciusko Group 1992
6204    Kookas, 2nd Turramurra Group 1969
6205    Red Backs, 1st Northbridge Group 1969
3107    Fiddles, 1st Emu Plains Group 1961
6302    Seagull, 1st Lindfield Group 1948
3500    Wild Dingoes, 1st Hunters Hill Group 1914
4101    Neoplurodon, Beecroft Group 1911
3102    Bosler, 1st Balgowlah Group 1910
4107    Hornsby Heights Hippies, 1st Hornsby Heights Group 1900
All Bronze Trophy winners are listed below in alphabetical order, without scores.
Bronze 2602    Ace Rimmers, 2nd St Ives Group
1300    American League of Superheros, 1st Collaroy Plateau Group
1208    Angry Vegetables, 1st Bayview Group
2106    ANIME FANS, 1st Brush Park Group
4502    Beavers Bandits, 1st Caringbah Group
6407    Blackout, 1st South Penrith Group
4106    Blonde Bogans, 2nd Panania Group
3103    Brush Park Bush Bashers, 1st Brush Park Group
4108    BumbleBees, Drummoyne Group
3606    Burnt Toast, North St Ives Group
6404    Burra Champs, 1st Burra Group
5304    Bush Ninjas, 1st Yaralla Group
3610    CamdenSouthies, 1st Camden South Group
4104    Campione, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
3505    Chance, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
4603    Cherrybrook spartans, 1st Cherrybrook Group
2609    Cool Cougars, 1st Mt Colah/Mt Kuring-gai Group
3609    Crazy Monkeys, 1st Batemans Bay Group
6401    Dingos, 1st Hawkesbury Group
2111    Dingo's, Roseville Group
1409    Dogma, 1st Roselea Group
3504    Dynamic Dynamo's, Fairlight/Manly Group
1302    Eagle Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
1410    Eagles, Roseville Group
4601    Eagles, 2nd Turramurra Group
3605    Eat like Seagulls, 2nd Caringbah Group
1301    Electric Spidermen, 2nd St Ives Group
4109    Elusive, 1st East Ryde Group
5400    EM Misfits, Eastwood/Marsfield Group
2608    FaceCat, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft Group
2607    Falcon, 1st Bayview Group
3502    Falcon Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
1203    Falcons, West Pymble Group
1403    Falcons, 2nd Turramurra Group
2600    Fire Scorpians, 1st North Ryde Group
1401    Flying Emus, 1st Hunters Hill Group
4600    Flying Wombats, 1st Gordon Group
1309    Forty Two, 1st Brush Park Group
2610    GorBats the 2nd, 2nd Gordon Group
5302    Groove Alongs, Beecroft Group
5405    Hawk Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
4506    Kanga 101, Epping Group
5404    Khamakazi Watermelons, 1st Balmoral Group
1205    Kingaroos, 1st Concord Group
3602    Kingfisher Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
3506    Kookaburra, Denistone East (Ararat) Group
4100    Kookaburras, West Pymble Group
3509    kooringal Schwarzeneggers, 1st Kooringal Group
6309    Kooringal Xmen, 1st Kooringal Group
6208    Lady Bugs, Drummoyne Group
5210    Lawn Grubs, Drummoyne Group
5204    Legends, 1st East Roseville Group
1209    Lone Ox, Lones Group
2102    Lost, Belrose Group
6206    Lost Heroz, 1st Helensburgh Group
6306    Magpie, Denistone East (Ararat) Group
4102    Magpie Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
5200    Magpies, Epping Group
3105    Magpies, 1st Pymble Group
4505    Morty !, 2nd Mortdale Group
5402    Mud Bank, 1st Meadowbank Group
1210    Neil Perries, 1st Asquith Group
4610    NeverTooLate, 1st Waitara Group
1310    New Direction, Normanhurst Group
2100    Not Just Scouts, 1st Castle Hill Group
3104    Owls, 1st Willoughby Group
1201    Oxymorons, Belrose Group
2506    Panthers, West Pymble Group
5410    Panthers, Roseville Group
3100    Pardon, 1st Terrey Hills Group
1404    Penguins, 1st Cherrybrook Group
3607    Pewits, 1st Turramurra Group
4504    Pickworth, 1st Balgowlah Group
5206    Plastic Muffins, West Pennant Hills Group
2110    Platypus, Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
1207    PL's only, Killara Group
4507    Puddle Ninjas, Normanhurst Group
5207    Quokka, 1st Ermington Group
5307    Raving Rabbids, 1st West Epping Group
6408    Redbacks, Chatswood Group
3604    Redbacks, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
1307    Retro Rainbow Magical Creatures, 4th Castle Hill Group
2107    Ryde or Die, Ryde Group
2508    S.W.A.T, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
5409    Scary Purple Clown Sheep, Normanhurst Group
2604    Scorpians, 1st Frenchs Forest Group
6300    Scorpians, 1st Kings Langley Group
5408    Scorpions, 1st Asquith Group
4509    Scorpions, Roseville Group
2605    Scorpions, 1st Northbridge Group
4510    Sea Hawks, 1st Clifton Gardens Group
5401    Sea Monkeys, 1st Castle Hill Group
5407    SFELD, 2nd Mortdale Group
3109    Sharks, 1st Helensburgh Group
6405    Slow and Steady, 2nd Caringbah Group
1406    Staplers, 1st Ermington Group
2105    Stingray, 1st Lavender Bay Group
3601    Sunday Steppers, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
2606    SupaZeros, Beecroft Group
2510    Super Garb, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
6203    Super Mario Bros., 1st Quakers Hill-Doonside Group
5406    Super Scouts, 1st North Turramurra Group
1400    Super Shemens 101, 1st Elanora Heights Group
6402    Super Signs, 2nd St Ives Group
1405    Super Special Awesome Heroes, 1st Waitara Group
5208    Supercool, 2nd St Ives Group
6207    Superman, 1st Roselea Group
4605    SuperTroop, 1st Oatley Group
2502    Tambo1, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
4604    Tasmanian Tigers, 2nd Castle Hill Group
6400    Tasmanian Tigers, Epping Group
1204    Tassi Tigers, 1st Willoughby Group
2601    Team Excelsior, West Pennant Hills Group
3106    Team Inferno, 1st Bayview Group
4606    Team Steph and Co., Belrose Group
3603    The Bananas, 1st Ermington Group
5209    The Bomb Squad, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
3608    The Chipmunks, 1st Roselea Group
4607    The Fluffy Bunnies, 1st Roselea Group
2511    The Foxy Roxy's, 1st Mosman Group
1303    The G Boys, 1st Berowra Group
3108    The Hadokens!, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft Group
6200    The Kelly Gang, 1st Brush Park Group
2104    The Last Bunch, 1st Cherrybrook Group
4103    The Mighty Boosh and Keshan, West Pennant Hills Group
5205    The Muppets, Cromer-Dee Why Group
2505    The Newbs, 1st Waitara Group
6202    The Noobs, 1st Oakville Group
5305    The Others, North St Ives Group
1308    The Paratroopers, 1st East Ryde Group
4508    The Pathetic Penguins, 1st Bayview Group
1407    The Pirates of the State Forest, North St Ives Group
5300    The Pyromaniacs, 1st Boronia Group
6403    The Rabid Squirrels, 1st East Ryde Group
4501    The Slackers, 1st Terrey Hills Group
5203    The Spartans, 1st Cherrybrook Group
1211    The Super Stars, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
1306    The Troll Patrol, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
4608    The Wolves, 1st Mosman Group
6308    Top Hats, 1st Emu Plains Group
2603    Tree Benders, 1st Berowra Group
1402    Tweenies, 1st Terrey Hills Group
2507    UnderDogs, 1st Lane Cove Group
3507    Vegemite Kids, 1st Northbridge Group
3101    Wandering Minds, 1st Yaralla Group
2103    What Patrol, 1st Terrey Hills Group
3508    Where's the Yellow Brick Road?, 1st South Penrith Group
5310    White Hood, Belrose Group
2500    Wobbegongs, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
4609    Wombats, Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
5309    Yes We Wear Super Undies!, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
4500    Zero Heroes!!!!!, 1st Castle Hill Group
2108    Zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba, Normanhurst Group

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