ScoutHike 2008

Number  Patrol Name & Troop Points
Gold 4607    Tree Huggers, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2883
1500    Peewits, 1st Turramurra Group 2832
3111    Kookaburra Patrol, 1st Forestville Group 2791
1505    Dingoes, 2nd St Ives Group 2527
1506    Wombats, 2nd Gordon Group 2467
2615    Invincibles, 1st Seaforth Group 2461
5110    Kangas, 1st Turramurra Group 2442
3105    DragonMyst, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group 2437
6301    Heroes, 2nd St Ives Group 2430
1307    Mountain Chipmunks, 1st/2nd Harbord Group 2396
5410    Scorpions, Killara Group 2321
1509    Platypus, 1st Austinmer Group 2318
Silver 5402    BAT 'G' BAM, 1st Como-Jannali Group 2285
3507    Hawk Patrol, 1st Forestville Group 2280
2614    J'roo, 1st Jamberoo Group 2242
5115    dingoes, 2nd Caringbah Group 2212
6311    Rock Hoppers, 1st Willoughby Group 2200
3500    Another brick in the wall, Beecroft Group 2197
2414    Team S.P.A.Z, 1st Sailors Bay Group 2154
6306    Tuocs Gods, 1st Batemans Bay Group 2147
1313    Frilled Neck Lizards, Killara Group 2133
3513    Scorpanther, Roseville Group 2133
4201    Fabio And Co., 1st Castle Hill Group 2132
4207    KRRATN, 1st Hornsby Heights Group 2118
3114    Pathetic Penguins, 1st Bayview Group 2112
5400    Scorpians, 2nd St Ives Group 2111
5413    Kossi Kidz, 1st Kosciusko Group 2103
4602    The Incredibles, Normanhurst Group 2089
4209    Killer Instinct, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group 2089
5114    Dingo, Roseville Group 2084
2409    Hawks, 1st Turramurra Group 2082
2600    Taipans, 1st Gordon Group 2074
1514    The Lone Man, Beecroft Group 2070
1303    The Funky Rainbow, 1st Collaroy Plateau Group 2058
4204    Hunters Hill Hoppers, 1st Hunters Hill Group 2055
6214    Frilled Neck Lizzard, 1st Austinmer Group 2053
All Bronze Trophy winners are listed below in alphabetical order, without scores.
Bronze 5113    1st Grays Point, 1st Grays Point Group
2410    5 Men In The Bush, 1st Cherrybrook Group
5404    Aardvarks, 1st Sailors Bay Group
1311    AlmostNormo, Normanhurst Group
5412    Anonymouses, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft Group
6211    B1, 1st Bungendore Group
2616    B2, 1st Balgownie Group
6307    B2, 1st Bungendore Group
3514    Balmoral Lakers, 1st Balmoral Group
4218    Beez Neez, 1st Willoughby Group
5414    Birds, 2nd Gymea (St Catherines) Group
3502    Black Riders, Belrose Group
1508    Boronia Boyz, 1st Boronia Group
2608    Bosler Patrol, 1st Balgowlah Group
4202    Brick Much, 1st Roselea Group
6216    Bulldogs, 1st Dapto Group
4600    Burnt Toast, North St Ives Group
6206    Bush Bashers, 1st Burra Group
6305    Butterfly, Denistone East (Ararat) Group
5401    Caringbah Cougars, 1st Caringbah Group
1501    Castle Hill 4, 1st Castle Hill Group
3110    Cats Cids, Drummoyne Group
3504    Cheese Flavoured Rubber, West Pennant Hills Group
4606    Cherrybrookers, 1st Cherrybrook Group
3508    Cobra, Denistone East (Ararat) Group
4211    Converse All Stars, 1st Emu Plains Group
4608    Delta 2 Ryders, 1st North Ryde Group
2406    Drop Bears, 1st Terrey Hills Group
2613    Eagle, Roseville Group
5107    Eagles, 2nd Willoughby (Antranig) Group
6210    Eagles, 1st Northbridge Group
1513    Eddy's crew, 1st Tambourine Bay Group
2607    Emkoburra, Cromer-Dee Why Group
3102    Eve, Epping Group
4616    Fairys, 1st East Ryde Group
4601    Falcon eating LLamas, 1st Ermington Group
2416    Falcon Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
1304    Falcons, 2nd Turramurra Group
4215    Falcons, West Pymble Group
3503    Fat Birds, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
6202    Flying Emus, 1st Hunters Hill Group
1301    Flying Pink Chimps, 4th Castle Hill Group
5104    FourOrFive, 2nd Mortdale Group
2407    Foxy Chicks, 1st Shellharbour Group
3506    Frizzards, 2nd St Ives Group
2604    Ghost Bustaz, 1st North Turramurra Group
4216    Glossy, 1st Glossodia Group
4217    Greenwich, Greenwich/Wollstonecraft Group
6303    Hapely, 1st Thirroul Group
2605    Hawk, 1st Mt Kembla Group
4212    Hawkinators, 1st Waitara Group
2405    Hawks, Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
4613    Hawksbury, 1st Hawkesbury Group
3100    Hungry Hungry Hippos, 1st Brush Park Group
6300    Kangaroo, Epping Group
6205    Kangaroo Patrol, 1st Mosman Group
6208    Kangas, 2nd Turramurra Group
2609    Kingahawks, 1st Keiraville Group
3104    Kingfisher, 1st Concord Group
2411    Koalas, 1st Mt Kembla Group
3510    Kookaburra, 1st Austinmer Group
1312    Kookaburras, West Pymble Group
4205    Kookaburras, 2nd Gordon Group
2412    Kookas, 1st Pymble Group
4609    Legends R us, 1st Emu Plains Group
2403    Lost Heroz, 1st Helensburgh Group
1306    Lyerbird, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
5111    Magpie, 1st Austinmer Group
1510    Magpie, 1st Lindfield Group
1507    Magpie Patrol, 1st Forestville Group
1305    Magpies, 1st Pymble Group
4206    Marauders, 1st Yaralla Group
3512    Meadow Troopers, 1st Meadowbank Group
5112    Menta Rays, 1st Lavender Bay Group
6204    Moi Roi, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
1300    Molemen, Davidson Group
5403    Morty, 2nd Mortdale Group
5102    Mythbusters, 1st Balmain Group
6215    Naked Redbacks, Bodalla Group
3112    Ned Kelly's Krew, 1st Quakers Hill-Doonside Group
5406    Number 8, 1st Bulli Group
4214    P.I.F.F.T.S., 1st Emu Plains Group
2417    Panthers, 1st Balgownie Group
3509    Penguin Punks, Fairlight/Manly Group
2611    Penguins, 1st Balgownie Group
2601    Penno Patrol, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills Group
2408    Pernese Craftmasters, Belrose Group
1502    Pernese Dragonriders, Belrose Group
3109    Pickworth Patrol, 1st Balgowlah Group
6213    Platerpuss, 1st Cobargo Group
4208    Popadopalopapeses, 1st Oakville Group
3108    Quokkas, 1st Northbridge Group
2415    Red Back, 1st Mt Kembla Group
6308    Rubber Duckies, 2nd Queanbeyan Group
4612    Scorpinators, 1st Waitara Group
6201    Scorpion, 1st Roselea Group
4610    Scorplebacks, 1st Oakville Group
1315    Scout, 1st Haberfield Group
4213    Scouts of the Round Table, 1st North Turramurra Group
6207    Seal, 1st Ermington Group
6312    Snaggle Quacks, 1st Dubbo Group
2401    Spagdoogle, Beecroft Group
5101    Sparkle Tangerines, 1st Roselea Group
3511    Stingrays, 1st Lavender Bay Group
1310    Super Dooper Troopers, 1st Bayview Group
5409    Super Trooper, Ryde Group
6315    Surfies, Fairlight/Manly Group
6309    Tasmanian Tigers, Killara Group
5109    Team Extreme, 1st Wearne Bay Group
6304    Team Woggle, 1st Bulli Group
2402    Tent Jam, North St Ives Group
3115    TerratorialTurtles, 1st/2nd Harbord Group
5405    The Aviators, 1st East Ryde Group
2612    The Bayvieweans, 1st Bayview Group
3106    The Beasties, 1st East Ryde Group
4603    The Beavers, Epping Group
5407    The Champions, 1st Dubbo Group
4611    The Eagles, 1st Emu Plains Group
2606    The Element, 1st Hornsby Heights Group
1503    The Elementals, Brookvale/Curl Curl Group
4200    The galz, 1st Brush Park Group
4614    The HB Lads, Tamworth Oxley Group
4210    The Hekawis, 1st Berowra Group
1302    The Killer Bees, 1st Gordon Group
5103    The Killer Rabbits, 1st Wellington Group
1511    The Mounties, 1st Mt Colah/Mt Kuring-gai Group
3505    The Northern Gurus, 1st Berowra Group
2400    The Popple Paddles, 1st Castle Hill Group
4604    The Puffer Fishes, 1st Clifton Gardens Group
2404    The Robin Hood Band, Normanhurst Group
5105    The Rovers, 1st Illaroo Group
1512    The spartans, 2nd Panania Group
3501    The Storms, 1st Castle Hill Group
3107    The Titans, 1st Cherrybrook Group
5106    The Topless Ones, 2nd/3rd Lindfield Group
5408    The Vegemite Kids, 1st Northbridge Group
6200    Time Warp, 1st Brush Park Group
1316    Tim-Tam, Denistone East (Ararat) Group
2610    Trogdor, 1st Asquith Group
1314    Valley of the kings, West Pennant Hills Valley Group
2413    Violet's Gang, West Pennant Hills Group
2602    Wallabies, 2nd St Ives Group
6313    Wanderers, 1st Kooringal Group
6302    Werewolves, 1st Mosman Group
1515    Whacked out Psychoes, 1st Dulwich Hill/Marrickville Group
6209    Wild Child, Drummoyne Group
5100    Wild Dingoes, 1st Hunters Hill Group
4605    Wombats, 2nd St Ives Group

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