ScoutHike 2002

Number Patrol Name & TroopPoints
Gold 501Shark, 3rd Mosman Bay2722
403Hawks, 1st Turramurra2688
106Shadowfax, 1st Dubbo2681
405Hawks, 1st Putney2529
519Possums, 1st East Wahroonga2477
218Leeches, 1st Boronia2454
109Tasmanian Tigers, West Pymble2429
430Late Starters, 1st Cheltenham2405
307Frizzards, 2nd St Ives2389
416Kangaroos, 1st Cherrybrook2368
322Seahawk, 1st Clifton Gardens2290
502Tassie Tigers, 1st Turramurra2260
Silver 305Scorpions, 1st Putney2257
319Ledge Patrol, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills2241
116Owls, 1st East Wahroonga2233
411Wearne Bay Warriors, 1st Wearne Bay2206
402Goldhunters, 1st Meadowbank2196
421Panther, Brookvale-Curl Curl2164
429Sharks, 1st Sailors Bay2162
224Tambo Albatross, 1st Tambourine Bay2151
506The Nazgul, 2nd Baulkham Hills2149
428Falcons, 2nd Turramurra2146
110Jabiru, 3rd Baulkham Hills/ Crestwood2131
221The Weir Bombers, 1st Gladesville2125
124Magpies, 1st East Roseville2124
108Kookaburra, 2nd Gordon2121
503Peewits, 1st Turramurra2111
312Dragons, 2nd Springwood2111
203Wallaby/Eagles, 1st Turramurra2089
406The Half Eaten Orcs, 2nd Baulkham Hills2077
415Scorpion-orcs, 1st North Turramurra2077
316Anónimo, 1st Cherrybrook2056
204Platbats, 1st Brush Park2054
508The Flying Lizards, 1st Gordon2051
303Kingfishers, 1st Turramurra2048
426The Hobbits, 2nd/3rd Lindfield2039
Bronze 423Sea Dragons, 1st Lavender Bay2027
104Smelly Fellows, 1st Roselea1983
321Ararat, 1st Denistone East Ararat1978
420The Demons, 1st Waitara1975
414Ugly Orcs, Normanhurst1965
407Seahawk, 1st Balmoral1962
412Tocan, 2nd Springwood1954
118Odd, 1st Hunters Hill1947
308Platypus, 1st Tumbi1942
507Dolphin, 1st Balmoral1916
425Shibbyness Of Doods, 1st Willoughby1902
216The Rangers, 1st Brush Park1894
103Dingos, 1st Turramurra1885
523Albatross, 1st Clifton Gardens1885
119Gandalfs Gurus, Beecroft1884
522Kookas, 2nd Turramurra1881
112Ring Wraiths, 1st West Epping1878
422Budgewoi Hobbits, 1st Budgewoi1868
518Balrog Legion, 1st Epping1867
418Strider, 1st Epping1858
524Kangas, 2nd Turramurra1853
320Eagles, 1st East Wahroonga1840
209Panthers, West Pymble1836
310Scorpions, 1st Avalon1827
520Slimy Marchmelows, Ryde1819
514Striders, Normanhurst1807
315Tasmanian Tigers, 1st North Turramurra1791
314Sea Eagles, 1st Bayview1779
225Penguin, 1st Mona Vale1779
213Dingo's, 1st Fairlight/Manly1777
111Wombolas, 2nd Gordon1777
210Hawks, 1st Roseville1758
505Gimli's Goblins, 1st Dubbo1750
323Yum Cha, 1st Lavender Bay1728
117Bobs Builders, 2nd/3rd Lindfield1726
212Halflings, West Pennant Hills1701
214Kingfisher, 1st Bayview1692
324Lost Cows, 1st Marsfield/1st Eastwood1685
114Owl, 1st North Rocks1676
217Kangas, 1st East Wahroonga1676
223Paltypus, Brookvale-Curl Curl1668
101Dingoes, 1st North Turramurra1665
313Tassie Tigers, 1st Fairlight/Manly1665
317Orc Breath, 1st Berowra1654
512Bob's Builders, 5th Chatswood1639
510Scorpians, 1st Lane Cove1632
219Mystery, Beecroft1627
211Panther, 1st North Rocks1624
215Swifts, Normanhurst1619
311Those Other Guys, 2nd/3rd Lindfield1598
413Rosella, 1st Pymble1555
208Panther, 1st Castle Hill1551
408Skitsofrenic Chickens, 1st Lane Cove1537
125Platypus, 1st Mona Vale1533
318Tasmanian Tigers, 2nd Castle Hill1526
309Orks, North Sydney1525
207Frodo Baggins, 2nd St Ives1524
107Dragons, 2nd St Ives1524
515Redback Spider, 2nd Castle Hill1493
419The Rebel Trail Blazers, 2nd/3rd Pennant Hills1492
511Mikablah, 1st Wearne Bay1470
202Bang Bang, 2nd Forestville1469
301Womus, 2nd Mascot1447
504Hurstville Hunters, 1st Hurstville1430
325Eagle, 1st Port Jackson1426
113Black Riders, 5th Chatswood1393
206Panthers, 1st Lane Cove1368
201Tasmanian Tigers, 1st Elanora Heights1358
302Quokkas, 2nd Forestville1353
401Ebats, 2nd Mascot1347
513Kookaburra, 1st Pymble1334
220Balrog, 1st/2nd North Epping1287
427Tang, 1st Hunters Hill1255
410Plampus, Cromer Dee Why1211
306Platypucians, 1st East Ryde1203
115The Ompa Lompas, Normanhurst1197
417Giant Elephant Eating Pan, 1st Berowra1174
102Chubby Bunny, 2nd Forestville1167
404Hawks, 2nd Narrabeen1157
424Numenoreans, 1st Asquith1140
509Horny Hobits, 1st Roselea1137
409The Orcs, 1st Wyong1119
521Eagles, 2nd Turramurra1110
326Whats It To You, 1st Kenthurst1027
205Super Scorpions, 1st Wahroonga947
304Little Devils, 2nd Narrabeen939
121Dungbugs, Ryde814

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