Patrol Registration

The Patrol Leader must take responsibility for his or her own Patrol and register here, rather than the Scout Leader.

Check that you have all of the following before you proceed:
Names of at least 4 Scouts in your patrol (including the PL & APL)
You can add or change members of your Patrol up until shortly before ScoutHike, however you need at least four names now to be able to register.
Scout Membership Numbers for each Scout in your patrol
These numbers can be found in the Group records - ask your Scout Leader or Group Leader. The Membership Numbers you provide here will be verified against Region records. Every member of your Patrol must be a registered member of the Scouts section of Scouts NSW.
An email address
Registration information and important updates will be sent to you by email.
Your Scout Leader's contact details
Including correct phone number and email address.
A printer plugged in and ready to print
Remember, your patrol cannot have any member that has had their 15th birthday at the time of ScoutHike, nor can your patrol have any member that is not registered to the Scouts section in the Scouts NSW membership database.

The total time to complete this registration is approximately 15 minutes.

Step 1 - Enter your email address

You cannot register for ScoutHike without a valid email address.

Enter your email address

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