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Activity Notification Form
All Venturers, Rovers, Leaders and other Adults must download this form, complete it and bring it to ScoutHike. Every person attending must have a completed form.
Notification Form

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If this software is not already installed on your computer, download a free copy.

Information for Leaders / Venturers / Rovers / Adult Helpers

All Patrols attending ScoutHike must have at least 1 leader, ideally 2, from that Troop attending to help out at ScoutHike. They can help out by taking on any of a range of interesting jobs.

If you are sending two patrols, the requirement is still only - ideally - 2 leaders from your Troop, but more are of course welcome. All leaders, parents and other adult helpers must register online.

How do I register as a Leader / Venturer / Rover / Adult Helper?
How do I change my registration?
How much does it cost for Leaders / Venturers / Rovers / Adult Helpers?
Why is there a discount for early registration of Patrols?
Where is ScoutHike being held?
Overnight Accommodation for ALL Adults, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders
Interested in helping but don't know what you could do?
How can I best prepare my Troop for ScoutHike?

How do I register as a Leader / Venturer / Rover / Adult Helper?

You can register as a leader online. It is very simple, takes less than 10 minutes and requires no paper work! (Once you have your Scout Membership Number and your WWCC number (Working with Children Check). Fill out the short online form and you're done. Click here to register now.

How do I change my registration?

Send an email to the Coordinator with your full name, group/formation and details of the change.

How much does it cost for Leaders / Venturers / Rovers / Adult Helpers?

All associated costs are collected by the Sleep Point Leader. The best idea is to speak to your Sleep Point Leader as each Sleep Point has different costs for the weekend.
Leaders, Venturers, Rovers & Adult Helpers travelling by bus will be required to pay $40 to cover transport costs.

Why is there a discount for early registration of Patrols?

The "$10 discount price" structure was introduced to avoid the problems of previous years where patrols and leaders leave it until the last minute to register... as you can imagine, an administrative nightmare! We hope the extra $10 will be a strong incentive to register on time, and it covers the extra costs associated with this administration and the last minute acquisition of extra resources (buses etc.)

Where is ScoutHike being held?

For safety and security reasons we do not disclose the location of ScoutHike on this public website. To find out, make enquiries through your District Leader or to the ScoutHike Coordinator.

Overnight Accommodation for ALL Adults, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders

ALL Adults, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders are required to sleep at their designated Sleep Point while at ScoutHike. There are two main reasons for this: firstly it is part of the 'conditions of use' within our licence, and secondly we need to know where you are to if we need your help to assist with, or evacuate, our youth to a different knowing your whereabouts.


Leaders leaving a Sleep Point OR arriving at another Sleep Point are expected to advise the Sleep Point Administration of their intentions and/or subsequent arrival. This is essentially a matter of common courtesy and part of the safety program in place to help protect our youth members.

Interested in helping but don't know what you could do?

Here are some of the jobs available. The Leader/Helper Registration Form has a place where you can indicate your preferences if you haven't already been allocated a job.

  • Activity Point Leader
    You will organise the staff (usually 4 - 6), arrange the materials (depends on the activity) ensure the activity is dressed up and erected on time. Then all you have to do is inspire your staff to enjoy themselves and breath magic into the weekend for the Scouts!

  • Activity Point Staff
    Apart from turning up for the weekend, helping to set up, dressing up and running the activity, you may be involved in preparation for the weekend. This may require you to build props; beg, borrow or buy materials; sew the activity clothing and perhaps visit the site prior to the big weekend to make sure you know where you will be located.

  • Catering
    Providing meals for the 30 - 40 activity leaders who will be sleeping at a Sleep Point for the weekend.

  • Sleep Point Admin
    Booking Patrols in on the Friday & Saturday nights, booking them out on Saturday & Sunday mornings, checking that Patrol camp sites are left clean. This could also include First Aid duties if you are qualified.

  • Transport
    For this role you must own or have access to a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Involves distribution of drinking water from Sleep Points to the 5 activity points attached to your Sleep Point, and the collection of Patrol Score Sheets from Activities and then taking them to ScoutHike HQ on a regular basis, as well as any other duties that the Sleep Point Coordinator requests of you.

  • Bus Captain
    If you really enjoy working with kids and don't want to drive to ScoutHike, we will allocate you a seat on one of the buses. In return, your job is to make sure that the Scouts don't get too rowdy on the bus, don't annoy the bus driver and leave the bus clean. Over the weekend you will help out on activities etc.

  • Bus Point Marshal
    If you can't attend the weekend, but you can spare some time on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, you could act as a Bus Point Marshal at one of the Bus Points. Your role is to ensure that each Patrol Leader has with him or her the Scouts nominated on the registration form, together with signed permission notes for each Scout, and then to get them all on the correct bus. If there are any last minute glitches, you will demonstrate your initiative to solve these problems. On Sunday, the job will be much easier, except that you may have to wait around for the odd late arriving parent to collect the last Scouts before you get to go home.

How can I best prepare my Troop for ScoutHike?

Getting the Troop ready for ScoutHike requires the Scouts to have a reasonable level of skill in a number of areas.

The following list is a summary of skills required to make the Scout Hike experience a happy and rewarding one for Scouts - and easily translates into a number of months of programming ideas.
  1. Map reading features, locate current position, grid systems, scale, route planning
  2. Using a Compass locate current position, feature location, setting a map
  3. Menu Planning dried foods, purchasing, planning content and quantity as a Patrol
  4. Lightweight Cooking practice, and practice as a Patrol
  5. Personal Gear what to take
  6. Patrol Gear what to take, how to share
  7. Packing a Pack how to pack
  8. First Aid prevention and response to: blisters, fatigue, nausea, headache, dizziness, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, abdominal pains, bites and stings, leeches

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