Leader / Venturer / Adult Helper Registration

Please note there are new requirements to attend ScoutHike

Check that you have all of the following before you proceed:
Your Scout Membership Number
All participants (including Adult Helpers) of ScoutHike must be registered members with Scouts Australia, NSW Branch, you must have a vaild Scout Membership Number and provide it on the registration form. This number can be found in your Groups records.
The Membership Number you provide will be verified against the membership system.

If you do not have a membership number please download the Scouts Form
A2 - Application for Adult Helper form. Click Here to download
Forms need to be received by the first Monday of April at the Region Office, so they can be processed in time.

Before completing the A2 form, you will need to obtain your WWCC Number first
Your Working with Children Number (WWCC Number) - Venturers do NOT need a WWCC
All Adults attending ScoutHike, must have a vaild WWCC number. If you do not have a vaild WWCC number then you will not be permitted to attend the event. To obtain a WWCC number, please follow the process, Click Here to download
An email address
Registration information and important updates will be sent to you by email.

The total time to complete this registration is approximately 10 minutes.

Step 1 - Enter your email address

You cannot register for ScoutHike without a valid email address.

Enter your email address

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