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Activity Notification Form
Patrol Leaders should download this and hand out to Patrol members. Every Scout attending must have a signed form.
Notification Form

Letter to Parents
A letter to parents containing very important information about ScoutHike, including medical, safety and transport arrangements.
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Registrations Now Open

What is ScoutHike?
ScoutHike celebrating 25 years in 2018 is Sydney North Region's premier annual Scout Section event held in May each year. If you are interested in an exciting weekend, lightweight hiking around a NSW State Forest - then this is the event you must register for!

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Parols from all NSW Regions are more than welcome to attend!

The 2018 theme is 25 Years and into the Future. 28 Activity Bases will be setup to celebrate the past 25 years of ScoutHike. 24 of the activities contain a component of the Scout Award Scheme.

Date for 2018: 4th to 6th May 2018.

Key Dates for ScoutHike 2018

  • 3rd February - Registrations open - Early Bird Discount Available
  • 4th February - On-site Activity Leaders Meeting
  • 5th February - Sleep Point Leader Meeting
  • March - Activity Leaders Meeting with Sleep Point Leader
  • 1st March - Early Bird Registration Discount and Bonus close
  • 26th March - Activity Descriptions Deadline
  • 2nd April - New Patrol Registrations closed
  • 9th April - Changes to Patrols close Last chance!!
  • 16th April - Payment deadline for Patrols
  • 16th April - Leader Registrations Close
  • 30th April - Bus Captains Meeting
  • 4th - 6th May - ScoutHike


Information on return trip status and bus delays
On Sunday 6th May while the buses are travelling back from ScoutHike, we will endeavour to post a bus arrival status board here, detailing the expected arrival time for each bus and notice of any delays etc.

The planned arrival time is between 4.30pm and 5.00pm.

Before leaving home to pick up family members from the bus point at the end of ScoutHike, please check this website to view the latest information on expected delays and an expected arrival time for the bus your child is travelling on.

Please understand that we are relying on technology to post bus status information here. If the Mobile phone network is not functioning as it should, we will be unable to post any bus status information here, in which case please assume the buses will be arriving as scheduled.

Very Important Notice

Matches, lighters, or anything else capable of creating a flame/fire are TOTALLY PROHIBITED from being in the possession of Scouts at ScoutHike.

There is absolutely NO need for these types of items to be in the possession of Scouts at ScoutHike.

If any Scout is found to have these items, their entire Patrol will be disqualified and removed from ScoutHike.

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Important Notes
Penalty for late payment
If payment for your entire patrol is not received by mid-night, 16th April, your patrol will lose any early bird points bonus and your patrol will have an additional 100 points penalty deducted.

More than one PL?
Patrols with more than one PL are most welcome to compete and will be classified as 'non-competitive'. Your Patrol will receive a Bronze Trophy and each Scout will receive a ScoutHike Badge.

Patrols with Scouts who have had their 15th Birthday?
Patrols with Scouts who have had their 15th birthday are classified as 'non-competitive'. Your Patrol will receive a Bronze Trophy and each Scout will receive a ScoutHike Badge.

Patrol Size
Recommended patrol size: 5 to 6 Scouts.

Patrol sizes of 5 to 6 are historically a better size for ScoutHike Patrols. If your Patrol number drops below four your Patrol will be joined to another Patrol with four or five Scouts.

If a Patrol has four Scouts registered, there is a reasonable chance that you may have other Scouts joined to your Patrol where their Patrol number drops below four. There is less chance of this affecting your Patrol if you register five Scouts in your Patrol.

Withdrawals and refunds
What should I take to ScoutHike?
Tips for ScoutHike Patrol Leaders
More information for Scouts...

Leaders, Rovers & Venturers

Leader registrations close 16th April.

How much does it cost?
Leaders and Venturers travelling by bus will be required to pay $40 to cover transport costs .

There will be a cost payable to your Sleep Point for catering.

Venturers - PLEASE READ
Prior to registering for ScoutHike you need to talk to the Leader running the Activity Point you wish to help on. This is to ensure that they know you are coming along to help and they have a need for your services.

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